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Chief Energizing Officer
Provide strategic leadership for the organization.


Head Corporate Resources
Handle the corporate services functions of the company to ensure effective stocking and delivery of products, efficient service of clients including warranty issues, human resources sourcing and development and also supporting the promotional activities of the company to ensure products and services are well advertised.


Technical Manager
Leads the technical team of Consistent Energy with the responsibility to oversee and supervise the team of engineers and installers.


Business Manager
Actively and professionally manage the entire sales cycle from lead generation and lead management to prospecting, arranging appointments, preparing proposals and presentations, regulating,closing and handling over new accounts to the account management team.

Ibrahim Husseini

Branch Manager
Replicating the activities of the company in Kogi State and other northern states.

Olusegun Sule

Keeping track of all activities in the organization and creating markets for the company brand<strong>.</strong>He also relates with our partner cooperatives, groups and associations to monitor credit solutions towards reducing to bearest minimum past due obligations

Abimbola Oluwadipe

Account Officer
Monitor and record the flow of money and also verify the accuracy of all transactions. She keeps the accounting records of the company and ensure prompt and regular bank reconciliation.